Protect Yourself - Concealed Carry Permit

Uncategorized Jan 08, 2021

People who own and carry firearms are often at odds over a number of things, among which is the requirement to get a concealed carry permit in Tennessee. Many purchase a firearm and are unaware on how to shoot, load ammo, care for, or safely store said firearm. Covert Results has crafted an online course that provides the option for safe, customized 90 minutes instructions to obtain your concealed carry permit. Our State Certified Instructors constantly encourage visiting a gun range to practice. 

If someone purchased a weapon and is unsure on how to care for the firearm or even shoot the weapon instruction is necessary. Covert Results has had experts that have spent decades in law enforcement and undercover operations that have experience carrying a concealed weapon. Our instructors took the necessary steps to have Covert Results become a certified vendor by the State of Tennessee. Our course provides the necessary information and training every person should have when...

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